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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Tributaries of Hope officially licensed?

Yes! Tributaries of Hope is officially recognized by the Ugandan government. 

Is Tributaries of Hope a Christian Organization?

Yes! Tributaries of Hope seeks to spread the love and light of Jesus Christ. We affirm the Bible as the inspired word of God, and the source of our truth.

Are Donations Secure?

Yes! All donations are processed via PayPal’s secure platform, and wired via Western Union. 

Can I know how my donations are spent?

Tributaries of Hope is happy to provide documentation of both money transfers, as well as records of how the funds are used. Just send us a message to ask for either or both of the above when you make a donation!

Why Do You Use Western Union for Money Transfers?

Unfortunately, platforms such as PayPal and other payment gateways that allow for donations do not allow for the transfer of funds to Uganda (due to various international financial regulations). Western Union is the most cost effective means of transferring funds from parties in the United States to Tributaries of Hope. If you have any concerns about this process, please send us a message and we will do everything we can to answer your questions and concerns.


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