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About Tributaries of Hope
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Serving the Jinja District and beyond in Uganda

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Our History

Paul Makete is the founder of tributaries of Hope. An orphan himself who was unable to bear the sight of so many children both materially and spiritually destitute, Paul decided to do something about it.

In 2019 he and his wife started Tributaries of Hope which is an official orphanage recognized by the government of Uganda. Paul and his wife treat every one of the dozens of children in Tributaries of Hope like they treat their own children. Tributaries of hope is located in the Jinja District in Uganda where he works in coordination with many villages to help children that have been abandoned on the streets.

Paul and his wife seek to bring the love and truth of Jesus Christ to the children they rescue so that they may have the spiritual and physical food that they need. While Paul and his wife desire that all in their orphanage should come to know Christ, Tributaries of Hope does not turn away children from any religion, tribe, or background. Tributaries of hope welcomes all children in need of a home with open arms.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our core principles are Love, Restoration, and Transformation. We seek to make Christ known to people in the midst of joy, sorrow, and the mundane moments of life. That’s why we share our love, happiness, and knowledge with the children at our orphanage so that the cycle of Christ’s love, restoration, and transformation will continue.

Save a Life

Why Tributaries of Hope?

There are many wonderful organizations which seek to help the orphans in Africa and Uganda in particular. We are thankful for the work that they do. International non-profit organizations play a vital role, but equally necessary are local organizations like ours rising up from the efforts of everyday people to make their own communities better.

We believe that being a local organization offers advantages that help donations count for as much as they possibly can in addressing the urgent needs of orphans. We are based and located in the area we seek to help which makes us intimately acquainted with the needs and the best ways to address them. Our staff is minimal, and we have the advantage of not relying on massive, expensive marketing. All of these factors mean that the money our donors so generously give is used for food, shelter, education, and other basic necessities for the orphans.

We are a nonprofit organization, and all of our own workers are volunteers. Every penny is used for the good of the children.

A life dedicated to hope
About Paul Makete

Makete was born in Jinja, found in the Eastern part of Uganda, and orphaned at a young age. He experienced many hardships in his life, but the hand of God was always upon him.

The harsh situations and experiences that makete went through prepared him for the destiny that God had for him in starting an orphanage home. This was after seeing many children homeless and sleeping on streets and in trenches. The suffering he witnessed cause Makete to search for religious answers and perspectives in delivering support towards these young generation. He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ when still a child and has been very active and zealous for the work of the Lord.

Makete has a wife Caroline with whome he has been blessed with one daughter, Emerald.

Makete attained his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, in Economics and Geography. 


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