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Tributaries of Hope

Tributaries of Hope is an orphange in the Jinja District of Uganda which gives a home to children who have been abandoned in starvation and poverty on the streets. We seek to bring Christ to all and turn away none.

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Getting Involved

Make a Real Impact

Spreading the Word

Tributaries of Hope relies on private donations and word of mouth to cover our operating costs and make our mission known. Please consider talking to your pastor, Sunday school class, or small group about sponsoring Tributaries of Hope so we can continue to make real changes in the lives of hurting, lost children through the local community of dedicated believers.

Making a Donation

Without our generous sponsors, we would never be able to operate. Every cent that we receive goes to helping the children. We do not spend any money on marketing, and we do not have any paid staff. Aside from any fees for money transfers, every donation is used entirely for making sure the children have food, clothing, education, medical attention, and a warm bed to sleep in.

raising up the least of these

What We Provide

Healthy Food

Starvation is an urgent problem for the orphans on the streets throughout Uganda. We seek to alleviate this problem by giving food to the orphans we bring in, and we use the opportunity to teach them about the real Bread of Life that is Jesus Christ.

Safe Shelter

The dangers facing orphaned Ugandan children are many. From disease and starvation to those who would exploit them, we give the children a safe place of refuge.


Education in Uganda is nearly impossible for the impoverished to attain. Orphans rarely have the funds or time necessary to devote to the fees and demands of school. Your gifts help us keep children in school, and break the cycle of poverty.

Medical Attention

One of the greatest challenges facing the people of Uganda in general, we do everything in our power to help the children in our orphanage get the medical attention they need. Due to our funds, we are often only able to administer first aid and urgent medical attention. We seek greater funding so that we can expand the medical attention available to the children in our care.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our core principles are Love, Restoration, and Transformation. We seek to make Christ known to all people in the midst of joy, sorrow, and the mundane moments of life. That’s why we share our love, happiness, and knowledge with the children at our orphanage so that the cycle of Christ’s love, restoration, and transformation will continue.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we now have enough beds for all of the children in our orphanage! They all have mattresses and mosquito-netting. The beds were made by local craftsmen.

We could not have done this without you.

Thank you!

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